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Paradise on Earth

The only thing you will miss in Costa Rica is Snow

Costa Rica is called "the Switzerland of the Americas".  Immensely popular and successful making environmental sustainability, profitable!

With 800 miles of coastline about 300 Beaches and two cultures and the most micro climates and biodiversity in the world.

Costa Rica Quick Facts:
  • 2  Oceans - Pacific and Caribbean Ocean
  • 4 types of forests (Tropical Dry, Rain, Cloud, Swamp)
  • Costa Rica has the highest biodiversity in the world based on land mass
  • No military since 1949
  • Highly educated - 98% literacy Rate
  • 1st class healthcare and social security systems
  • Stable democratic republic with free market economy
  • Volcanoes, Rivers and Waterfalls
  • 26% of the country is protected (national parks, reserves)
  • Natural beauty (beaches, mountains,) Columbus named it Costa Rica for a reason
  • Most micro climates per area – national geographic named CR the most live-able climate in the world
  • Easy access with direct flights from major North American, Latin American and European cities
  • Foreigners enjoy same ownership rights as nationals do
  • Costa Rica is the leader in sustainable eco-tourism for three decades and counting
  • A regional leader  in medical tourism for nearly two decades
  • Costa Rica is one of 5 blue zones in the world
  • Pura Vida is a way of life!
  • Worldclass surfing, fishing, & golfing
  • Bored? Never again - there are more things to do every day!



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Costa Rica's success story:

No hurricanes and yet two oceans (Caribbean and Pacific) only 4 hours drive apart. 

Costa Rica has made the right decisions along the way in the last 60 years starting with abolishing its military in 1948 and re-directed funds to social matters such as universal healthcare and education. Then Costa Rica prioritized protecting the environment making Costa Rica the picture book definition of a pioneer in developing it’s economy successfully through conservation and the travel industry aka “eco-tourism”.

The last two decades Costa Rica made a major push, in part thanks to Oscar Arias’ administration efforts; to develop and establish and grow the medical tourism industry.  Forwarding to today with successful outcomes making Costa Rica outperform it’s Central American neighbors as the new emerging market of the America’s. 

Costa Rica possesses the largest middle class in Central America, and many argue all of Latin America. This country is rightfully labeled as the Switzerland of Latin America. Tico’s (Costa Ricans) live longer happier lives and Costa Rica has one of only 4 Blue Zones in the world


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Costa Rica’s political, natural and tourism attractiveness coupled with a growing popularity among nature, adventure, health, sport and leisure enthusiasts and is only some reasons why so many people come and visit.  An educated workforce and low real estate taxes and tax incentives for investment opportunities via tax free zones and overall high quality of life is what makes so many wealthy foreigners move here and many start businesses. 

Costa Rica has proven that they can be a strong diversified and service driven economy.  Costa Rica rightfully can pride itself for being successful yet environmentally and socially responsible. Despite having one of the richest natural resources such as oil and gold, Costa Rica does not allow mining and other types of resource extractions and the energy sector relies exclusively on renewable energy (wind, hydro, solar) without the need for fossil fuel extractions. 

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With demand for Costa Rica real estate constantly growing and more and more wealthy foreigners calling themselves home -vacation- home buyers and/or real estate investors and business owners here, this country seems to be continuing on an upward path.

The USA retirement market has a strong and direct effect on Costa Rica’s economy. In the United States TEN THOUSAND baby boomers will retire EVERY WEEK in the USA for the at least the next decade. Based on research, roughly 40 percent can not afford to retire or not at the quality of life they expected or hoped for!  

This is where Costa Rica comes into the picture.  

Costa Rica has great foreign ownership rights, is from USA’s standpoint affordable and ones’ living standard and especially quality of life is almost guaranteed to increase.  

  • Healthcare system is excellent and a fraction of the cost
  • Becoming a resident is easy
  • Property holding cost is low (low insurances and only one tenth of 1 percent real estate taxes)
  • Ideal climates
  • Costa Ricans welcome and like North Americans
  • Friendly and Happy People – CNN’s happiest people in the world index earned CR as the winner for several years now!