Why Costa Rica?

Central America’s Premier Retirement Destination

Costa Rica boasts bustling cities full of restaurants and culture, long stretches of beautiful shoreline, a stable and growing economy, and state-of-the-art healthcare.

Natural Beauty

Over a quarter of Costa Rica's total landscape is made up of protected national parks and refuges, offering diverse ecosystems throughout the country, as well as gorgeous beaches, lush forests and valleys, and diverse wildlife.

Island Life

Live a laid-back, island lifestyle with beaches, forests and vibrant cities just outside your door, along with a friendly community of fellow expats and kind local citizens.

Cost of Living

Costa Rica has one of the highest standards of living in Central America, boasting a stable and growing economy and quality healthcare, but it's well below the cost of living comfortably in North America or Europe. See a cost comparison here.

Ranked #1 on the Happy Planet Index

Stunning Natural Beauty

This country proudly shelters 5 percent of the existing biodiversity in the entire world, and 26 percent of the country is composed of protected territory.


Costa Rica’s total 19,730 square miles possesses the greatest density and diversity of plant and animal species in the world. The different regions and forests they contain offer a multitude of micro-climates.

Eco System

Costa Rica's unique topography makes it home to twelve major life zones, including the Dry Forest, the Forest of the Lowlands, and the Highlands, each with its own distinct ecosystem.


A main source for Costa Rica's high biodiversity is its geographic location, which has enabled animal and plant migration and provides the warmest currents of the Pacific Ocean, allowing much of the animal and plant species of this region to survive and thrive.


There’s a climate for every preference in Costa Rica. You could live in the Central Valley, including San Jose, for a temperate climate, in the Southern Pacific for warmth and humidity, or in a home set on a hillside to enjoy the cooling mountain and ocean breezes.

Best Beaches


Costa Rica Fast Facts


Miles of Coastline


Volcanic Formations




Protected Areas

Peaceful lakes & rivers offer some of the most gorgeous secluded spots.

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